Thursday, December 13, 2007

Classic Christmas Films

One of my favorite things about Christmas is the movies I get to watch. The ones I feel stupid watching during the rest of the year. Here's a run down of my favorite Christmas movies:

1. White Christmas - it doesn't get much better than White Christmas. Two guys come home from the war, find success in show business, meet some talented girls, and save Christmas. Their incredible Christmas spirit even causes it to snow. Amazing. I recommend watching the DVD with audio commentary by Rosemary Clooney. She's a good time. And now, my favorite things about White Christmas:

  • Bing Crosby and his incredibly corny lines such as, "You might have been stuck with this weirdsmobile for life!" and, "An egg? Brother, you laid a Vermont volleyball!"

  • The fabulous Christmas dresses at the end. I want one.

  • At the end when Betty gives Bob the knight on the horse figure. I have to say that for most of my life (until a few years ago) I had no idea what she gave to him. But don't worry, I get it now.

2. Holiday Affair - it's a little more obscure and that's what I like it. Janet Leigh is a widow with a young son who has a run in with a store clerk played by Robert Mitchum (yes, a strange choice for a romantic lead). Despite her best efforts (and those of her lame steady beau, Carl) Robert Mitchum won't leave her alone and he forms a bond with the son. It's a just a fun movie. The terribly unfortunate thing is it's not yet out on DVD. Luckily, TCM will be showing it on December 23rd at 9pm and the 24th at 12:45pm.

3. Miracle on 34th Street - I didn't see this movie 'till I was older, during my Maureen O'Hara phase, but it's wonderful. Natalie Wood is especially adorable. It's happy and funny with a love story and some Santa Clause action. The interesting about this film is it was released in theaters in May. The studio believed more people would see movies in the summer so they advertised it without letting on that it was a Christmas movie. Fascinating logic.

4. Meet Me in St. Louis and In the Good Old Summertime - I'm putting these together because they're both Judy Garland movies and neither of them are technically Christmas movies. They both start in the summer, but end in Christmas, so you're filled with the Christmas spirit when they're over. In the Good Old Summertime will be on TCM on Christmas Eve at 8:45am and Meet Me in St. Louis will be on TCM December 16 at 7pm and Christmas Day at 1:15am (if you're waiting up for Santa!).

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Anonymous said...

From mom:
You forgot to mention in the last scene after bing finds the knight on the white horse, he shows it to rosemary clooney and then throws it into the tree and kisses her. It wasn't an ornament! he just dumped it in the tree. We always had to laugh at that. Here's a link to the whole last scene.