Thursday, January 20, 2011

Amazon Deals on Classic Films

Amazon has a few great deals on some classic films this week:

The Wizard of Oz Blu-ray is half off--only $12.49 for the 70th anniversary edition.

The Sound of Music 45th Anniversary 3-disc edition with Blu-ray and DVD is only $20. This is the one with Christopher Plummer's highly entertaining commentary.

Gone with the Wind Blu-ray is only $9.99, regularly $24.99.

- A bunch of the TCM Classics Collections are just $11.99. My personal favorite is the musicals set.

- And Audrey Hepburn's blind lady thriller, Wait Until Dark is just $6.99.

Check out the rest of their classics on sale.

Why "Just Go with It" Won't Be as Good as "Cactus Flower"

As I mentioned earlier, they've remade the classic Cactus Flower into an Adam Sandler comedy. I personally am a big fan of Cactus Flower so I'm not sure I can be completely objective, but it just seems like the new one isn't going to be nearly as good. Here's why.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Cactus Flower Remake

Apparently they're remaking one of my favorite films, Cactus Floweras a dumb Jennifer Aniston/Adam Sandler romantic comedy, Just Go With It. What made the original great were the three main stars and the incredibly corny '60's music and dancing and weird catch phrases. So, I have little hope for this new one that looks like every other boring romantic comedy they come out with these days.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Best Classic Comedies You Haven't Seen

Most of my favorite old comedies are a little on the obscure side. Sure, the big names are fabulous and you should definitely watch them, but sometimes the lesser-known ones are just more fun. Plus, they're more corny, giving you even more to laugh at! I wrote an article on the more obscure classic comedies that I love. Which ones am I missing?