Monday, March 24, 2008

Questions Answered

I use Google Analytics to see how many visitors come to this site and where they come from. By far the best feature is the search keywords report that shows you what people are searching for to get to your site.

I noticed there are a number of questions that people search for on a regular basis, so I figured I’d try to answer the most common (and interesting) questions all in one neat little post.

—Did Christopher Plummer like The Sound of Music/Julie Andrews/the children?
This is by far the most common question (it comes in many different forms), mostly because of this post about his commentary on the DVD. He definitely did not like working with the kids at first because they stole his thunder, but he seemed to warm up to them. I also think he resented the fact most people only knew him from that movie. But it seems he's gotten over it for the most part.

—When is Debbie Reynolds' birthday?
April 1, 1932

—When is Julie Andrews' birthday?
October 1, 1935

—Is Tony Curtis gay?
He may look/act/sound gay, but I would say he isn't. Actually, he's been married 6 times; kind of the opposite of gay.

—Is Julie Andrews still alive?

—What color are Bette Davis's eyes?
I have no idea because, as I stated here, I've never seen a color Bette Davis film. Ok, i just looked it up, they were blue.

—Are Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett gay?
Uhhh ... not that I know. Though I don't know for sure, of course, but seeing as they're both married (to men) and have been for most of their adult lives, I'd say it's unlikely.

—How does "Some Like it Hot" relate to "The Graduate?"
I have no idea. I'll be honest, I've only gotten one search for this, but I thought it was fascinating.

—Is Charmain Carr still alive?
Yes, she's not even that old. Goodness!

—i love love julieandrews !!!!!!!!!!11
Yeah, I know it's not a question, but it's funny.

Friday, March 21, 2008

I Could Write a Sonnet, About Your Easter Bonnet

As is my tradition, I am watching Easter Parade to celebrate the season. Here is my post from last Easter.

This year, I'm sharing my favorite things about Easter Parade, compiled while watching the movie. Here are my Easter Parade favorites:

  • Judy moment: When she makes her terrible face in order to show Fred she can get the attention of random men walking down the street.

  • Coat: Peter Lawford's ridiculously ugly fur coat.

  • Quote: Don Hewes: A girl dancer has to be exotic; she has to be - a peach.
    Hannah Brown: I suppose I'm a lemon!

  • Musical number: The "vaudeville" type medley; especially when fred says "pow" in the train song at the end.

  • Fred moment: Probably Steppin' Out with My Baby. With an honorable mention for the Drum song.

  • Pointless scene: When the stupid waiter takes 10 minutes to explain every detail of his salad to Judy and Peter Lawford.

  • Dashing British man: Peter Lawford

  • Insane dancing: Anne Miller during Shakin' the Blues Away. Especially when she spins out of control and her hair whips her in the face.

  • Costume: Judy's purple and blue outfit for the second half of the piano song. Especially the bring purple shoes!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

She's Got Bette Davis Eyes

I can't believe I've never written about Bette Davis. I apologize for that gross oversight. She's amazing!

Anyway, this evening I enjoyed a fabulous Bette Davis picture, Dead Ringer. In it, Bette plays a down-and-out middle aged bar owner in desperate need of a corset, who murders and assumes the identity of her well-to-do, corset-wearing sister (also played by Bette, of course) who married the man she was in love with some twenty years earlier. Unfortunately, she doesn't plan things out quite as well as she should have and things quickly go awry, making for a fantastic picture. I like to think it could make a nice sequel to The Parent Trap.

This is just one of the many weird, creepy Bette Davis movies I love. Whatever Happened to Baby Jane is, of course, a favorite. I tend to like the old, creepy Bette to the younger, creepy Bette. She's really quite interesting; at times she can be rather glamorous, but at other times she's downright disturbing. I guess that's what makes her great.

I recently saw All About Eve for the first time, which was excellent. I vaguely remember this Mr. Skeffington movie, featuring a more glamorous Bette.

The sad thing is, these are about all the Bette Davis movies I've ever seen. I also realized tonight that I've never actually seen a color Bette Davis film. I'm not even sure that she made any movies in color. I need to look into this.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Bad Seed

Wow, this movie is incredible. If you like movies about blond little girls murdering people, this one is for you!

I won't divulge too much of the story because there was a nice little message at the end of the film asking me not to. But basically, the prim and proper 8 year old Rhoda is all sweetness on the outside, and all evil on the inside. And when her nemesis at school drowns mysteriously, everyone starts to wonder about sweet little Rhoda. And things just get better from there.

I'll be honest, this movie is incredibly corny. On the bright side, the joke possibilities are endless. It's not supposed to be a comedy, but it certainly can be with little effort. There's lots of 50's psychological theories thrown around, which is always ... enlightening. There's also a fabulous drunk lady that points at people a lot.

The first half of the movie is a lot of talking, but in the second half, when everyone starts freaking out, things really pick up. Yes, it's very, very corny, but there are enough disturbing parts to make it so worth the watch.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Max and Elsa Sittin' in a Tree

Ok, maybe this is a thought everyone's had, but I just realized it yesterday: Max and Elsa are perfect for each other!

I'm talking The Sound of Music, of course. I stayed home sick yesterday, and seeing as daytime TV is incredibly lame, I threw in The Sound of Music figuring I could try to fall asleep to it. As I laid on the couch with my eyes closed just listening to it, I realized that Max and the Baroness are meant to be.

First of all, she laughs at his ridiculous jokes that no one else thinks are funny. He must appreciate that. Secondly, they're equally conniving and manipulative. Together they'd be unstoppable! Thirdly, when the Captain dumps her, she states that she needs someone who needs her money. Certainly no one needs her money more than Max. He's basically a leech! Plus it's very convenient that the Von Trapps leave Austria; Max and Elsa are free to express their love without any awkwardness between Max and the Captain.

Granted, the Baroness is way too pretty for Max, but really that shouldn't matter. He probably should have made a move right after the Captain dumped her before she left for Vienna, but I think he still has time. Hopefully he realizes how perfect she is for him and takes some action. I think they'd be very happy together.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Cary Grant + Grey Suit = Love

Wow, Cary Grant is amazing. I watched North by Northwest last night for the first time ever. Of course I’d seen the scene with the plane and the end where they’re on Mount Rushmore, but I never had any idea what was actually going on.

This movie is incredibly long, but I didn’t get bored. There were a couple parts that probably could have been cut shorter, but they weren’t too bad.

Cary Grant plays Roger Thornhill, a Madison avenue exec, who gets mixed up with some bad guys, out of no fault of his own. They think he's this Kaplan fella, a guy the CIA made up in order to trap them. Thornhill realizes they’ve made a mistake, but can’t convince them, and manages to get into all kinds of trouble (and meet a very forward blond) ... all while wearing the same grey suit. He wears this suit for like 3 days straight at least. Lucky for him, he looks pretty hot in it. And it matches his hair nicely.

This movie is one of the more confusing Hitchcock ones, I think. Not quite like Vertigo (I still get confused about that one), but there’s a lot to it and you have to pay attention. But isn’t that what’s great about Hitchcock? He doesn’t miss anything.

As far as Hitchcock movies go, I probably still prefer Psycho or The Birds, but this is definitely one I’ll be watching again.

Did I mention I love Cary Grant in a grey suit?