Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't Do It, Shirley!!

No. Just no.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Lovers and Lollipops

Yes, there's actually a movie called Lovers and Lollipops. I happened to catch it on TCM this weekend and I was intrigued.

The cover for the DVD sort of makes it looks like it's a horror film, and honestly, there were times I thought it was going to turn into one. Mostly because nothing actually happens in the movie and Hollywood has trained me to expect a shocking horror scene after scenes of nothingness. But this one surprised me in a non-shock/horror way.

I came in a few minutes after it started to find the two main characters, Ann and Larry, on what was obviously (given the level of awkwardness) a first date. Then I went to blow dry my hair. When I came back, they were making out in the living room and a little girl was peeking out and watching them from another room. I knew at that moment I wouldn't be able to stop watching.

Next thing we know, Ann and Larry begin a "romantic" relationship. There was, however, almost no romance involved expect for the occasional kissing. Definitely not the typical movie romance. They just went out and did stuff. Then came home. Basically nothing happened. At one point, I thought something was going to happen when Ann and Larry took her daughter, Peggy, to the beach and Larry lost her in the parking lot. But then they found her. Nothing. Happened. He didn't even get nervous that he lost her. He just stood there waiting for her to come back.

Then something sort of happened when Larry and Ann decide to get married and Peggy is not too keen on the idea. Larry tries to buy her love, but she's not interested. But then she changes her mind and everything's fine. The End.

It's filmed like a documentary in some parts—giving a feeling that you're spying on these people's boring lives. But really, it's just projecting how mundane and boring our actual lives are, especially compared to the usual big Hollywood films. It's by far the most realistic film I've ever seen. So if you're looking for a really strange black & white, painfully mundane and true to life, unromantic romantic film, I highly recommend it.