Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hello, WALL•E!

I went to see the latest Pixar film, WALL•E, last night. It was excellent. Quite different than most Pixar films in that it's basically heart wrenching. I think I almost cried a few times. Luckily I kept myself under control. I never thought a robot's life could be such an emotional roller coaster.

By far the best part of the film was their brilliant use of two songs from Hello, Dolly: "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" and "It Only Takes a Moment." I had heard they used some clips from Hello, Dolly so I was looking forward to seeing it, but I no idea of what a large part they played in the film. WALL•E the robot has an old video tape of the movie and watches those songs constantly. They teach him about love and dancing. Isn't that what all musicals teach us, really?

So good job Pixar for integrating a great classic musical so well into a movie primarily about robots. I highly recommend seeing WALL•E. And Now I need to go watch Hello, Dolly.

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