Monday, February 23, 2009

Are Musicals Back?

Well, probably not anymore than they were like 7 years ago when Chicago came out, but still, I enjoyed the musicals tribute on the Oscars last night mostly because it involved more than one Judy Garland clip!

I also enjoyed Queen Latifa's performance for the In Memoriam segment. It was painful to think that I may be responsible for at least three of these deaths.


Klyn said...

I loved the musical of the Oscar moments that I actually watched. And, yes, I enjoyed the memorium bit too. I even was pretty saddened by several of the people whose faces went by, which just goes to show that I must have people in my life who point me toward the finer things in life... so, thanks to you, Kim (and to my dad). ;)

Millenia said...

I rally enjoyed this year's Oscar show, too. Hugh Jackman did an outstanding job - it was really good.

I do hope musicals are back...good ones, that is. ;-)