Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yes, Christopher Plummer Hates The Sound of Music

Ok, that may not be completely true. This post is really just an experiment of sorts.

By far, one of my most popular posts on this blog is about Christopher Plummer's dislike of the children and just about everything else associated with The Sound of Music. He made his opinions perfectly clear on the 40th Anniversary DVD special features.

Now, every time The Sound of Music is on TV I get a HUGE spike in traffic and I'm perplexed. Do people suspect that Christopher Plummer hated the movie just from watching it on TV? I suppose this is a rumor that's just floating around out there and after watching the film, people want to know about it? I don't really know.

So, please tell me, if you've found this page after viewing The Sound of Music and you suspect that Christopher Plummer hates everything about the movie, what gave you that impression?

Last time it was on TV, I got almost 500 page views in one day. Quite a far cry from my usual 30 to 50 :)


fudge bishop said...

whatever...I loved it and here I am 60 years old and still in love with the captain.the headmaster at our school looked just like him and when the movie played 50 excited boys and girls shouted "there's sir"!
I have just watched the movie again and if Julie Andrews could just move over I would play her part....I sure know all the words!!!
I was 17 and it still holds all its magic for me...nothing has changed captain dear captain!!!!from fudge

alice said...

How I found your blog? When typing the name Christopher Plumber into the google search widget in IE, it came up with a few suggestions - the third on the list, and most intriguing was "Christopher Plumber hates Sound of Music".

So, since I'm at work, and therefor am OBVIOUSLY looking for distraction, I went with that suggestion. And that's how I found you :)

Anonymous said...

christopher plummer did some really serious stuff in his career. may be it's also all about that 'macho' thing of a love story and 7 kids etc.
still - no violence, no rude words , no nudity...all real healthy family ambiance. pity life changed (perhaps) a bit too much. could we not have left a little of that 'old fashioned' way ? corney, but still love it's 'gentleness' even at 63. geez , he was easy to look at...and that laendler !

Chicory Blue said...

I looked at Christopher Plummer's IMDb which states he hated i googled to see why.

Caren th said...

A friend of mine on Facebook was having a discussion with other friends and someone said that Christopher Plummer hated the movie and hated working with Julie Andrews. As a huge fan of the film, I was pretty sure the second part wasn't true (at least, he'd never say it publicly) but I was curious anyway.

He was brilliant in the SOM and should not hate it! There was always that smile playing about his lips as he uttered one of his dryly witty lines written for him by Ernest Lehman. There's so much more to that film than the syrup. It's FUNNY. Especially Baronness Schrader. "I had bring along my harmonica."