Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Back to the Future

Ok, Back to the Future might not quite count as an old movie, but let's face it: it's 25 years old already and it's pretty much a classic. Still, I wouldn't typically write about it, except that I recently had a close encounter with some of the actors in it (no, not Michael J. Fox, stop asking!).

Last weekend the Hollywood Palms theater in Naperville, IL showed the film, along with appearances by Christopher Lloyd, Lea Thompson, the dude who played the principal, and the chick that played Michael J. Fox's girlfriend. We didn't pay the $20 per signature to get anything signed, but we did stand around and took some stalker pictures. I love my 10x zoom camera!

Then before the film, they all came in to talk about the movie.

They all shared a famous line of theirs from the film (some of them (the girlfriend) didn't really have any famous lines, but everyone humored her anyway). Then they talked about their memories and stories, etc. It was all very fun. Christopher Lloyd is surprisingly normal and quiet and basically looks the same as he did in the movie. Lea Thompson is surprisingly (or not) crazy and still looks pretty hot. The principal guy was super old, but seemed nice. And the chick who played the girlfriend had some crazy jeans on.

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Tom said...

Oh I wanted to go to this!! Thanks for sharing, this was so much fun to read; I don't know anyone who went. Wow-that's Claudia Wells?

Also, I need a camera like yours! And a 10x zoom...Every time I go there I take awful pictures.

Did you go to the West Side Story show?