Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I Love Old Movies

10. Corny jokes. Sometimes you just need a corny joke in a world where everyone's always trying to be clever and witty and off-color. Yes, a corny joke may be super cheezy and kind of embarrassing, but I bet you'll still laugh at it.

9. Gayness. Yeah, they say "gay" a lot in old movies. It's a little bit funny every time.

8. Memories. No, I don't have memories of seeing these movies when they originally came out in the theater, but I do have great memories of watching them as a child and singing and dancing along with the musical numbers. Every viewing brings back some warm fuzzies.

7. Trailers. Have you watched some old movie trailers? They're almost as entertaining as the movies themselves. Especially when they're announcing "the most unusual picture in many years."

6. Cary Grant. What else do I have to say?

5. Scary, but not too Scary. I can't watch these new-fangled horror movies. They are violent and disturbing and give me nightmares. But I can take some Psycho any day. Old scary movies are scary, yes, but not so gratuitously graphic.

4. Singing. Old movies have great songs. And great singers. They can't be beat by these wannabe singers/actors who come around today with their mediocre voices and lack-luster songs. MGM Musicals especially had it down. They knew where to place a song in the movie and how to stage a highly entertaining musical number. Perfection!

3. Dancing. Kind of goes with the singing. But seriously, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly? It doesn't get much better.

2. No sex. I'm not that into watching people have sex. I appreciate that in old movies, I do not have to witness this.

1. They make me happy! Probably for all the reasons listed above.

Why do you like old movies?


Clara aka aguass said...

Great list! I feel very represented by it, especially number 2, yeah, now nobody seems to realize that watching ppl having sex is totally unnatural...and most of the times it isn't necessary at all! I mean, Suspicion is sexier than any movie with sex scenes included.The directors used their brain to suggest what was happening, which I think is more challenging.
I will add the GREAT dialogues they had and the fact that the most of them weren't remakes like
today (and if they were, at least they were good).

Millenia said...

I love them because they just touch me. I think they came from a different consciousness, a purer place.

Great post!

Clara aka aguass said...

LOL, I just noticed that I wrote "Suspicion" instead of "Notorius" :)

moonlites_echo said...

I love old movies for the simple talent. Before there were extreme special effects, computer graphics, and overly manipulated voices, people had to actually be able to act, sing, and dance. Can you imagine if some of these pampered 'stars' today had to do a movie, in black and white, with none of the technology they have today?

Kristin Rae said...

I agree with your reasons to love old movies. Especially agree with Cary Grant! I also adore Jimmy Stewart and Gene Kelly. They don't make em like they used to!
Old musicals are my fav... but the dramas were good. And the comedies... like Martin and Lewis... they're ALL good!

Bonnie Blue *Sam* said...

Same with the reasons 2, 3 and 4.

Love stories of the films from the past decades are a lot more romantic and heartwarming, even without those bed scenes/sex scenes. They illustrate the genuineness and depth of the romance and intimacy, which made them very much unforgettable. Furthermore, such films are suitable for audiences of all ages :)

Aside from that, most films from the past are a lot simpler yet realistic in theme.

The performances of the actors is also one of the reasons why classic/old films are much lovable.

MR Spade said...

You dont have to hear 4 letter words constantly.Thats talent?I dont believe so.If went out in the street and did the same thing Id be arrested.

Anonymous said...

Add my vote to Mr. Spade's. My father was a career military man who served a stint as a drill instructor, and he NEVER swore like the people in modern movies do. I'm convinced that the f-word is added to dialogue in some movies solely to bump the rating up and make kids want to see it.