Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's not a Time Traveler, People

It's clearly an alien.

I'm not sure why we're so desperate to have time travelers show up in old movies. There are lots of reasons this person could be doing what they're doing:

1. The actual feasible explanation of the hearing aid.

2. Itchy ear

3. Insanity

4. Hiding

5. Alien

Also, for the record, I think it's a man dressed as a woman. Or an alien dressed as a man dressed as a woman.


Kaytee B. said...

Clearly a man first of all. Unless aliens have no gender and maybe embody qualities of men and women?
Also, why would a time traveler wear such nerdy clothing? Mobile phones were not really around until the 90s and that person is not dressed for the 90s! No french rolled jeans or anything.

Ashlee said...

I just saw this and thought it was awesome that they tried to answer the same question that you did: