Monday, January 17, 2011

Cactus Flower Remake

Apparently they're remaking one of my favorite films, Cactus Floweras a dumb Jennifer Aniston/Adam Sandler romantic comedy, Just Go With It. What made the original great were the three main stars and the incredibly corny '60's music and dancing and weird catch phrases. So, I have little hope for this new one that looks like every other boring romantic comedy they come out with these days.


Nathansmomma said...

I wish you'd say more on your reasons for liking this movie-I'm curious is all.

I don't mind Jennifer Aniston but find her to be one of those particular actresses that just will not get messy in her parts---and the Good Wife is not what I mean.

Its not about hair tied back and au naturel makeup--its about looking askew/schleppy/being real...Sandy Bullock does this a lot!

Maybe she takes this risk because she was born naturally lovely.
Jennifer seems to be really hung up on perfecting herself.

Its working--she looks darn good these days.
But I think its hurting her as coming across as an authentic presence on screen.

And that cheats us of a decent remake that doesn't miss the point of Cactus Flower.

I'm tiring of actresses just parading their hotness--not even trying to be a character.


Anonymous said...

Well to me it sounds like both of you are dissing the movie without even having seen it. I just went to see it today and thoroughly enjoyed it. It had both sight gags and verbal gags that had the audience in stitches. I heard lots of people commenting as they left the theater that it was even funnier than they had expected.
I am not sure why Aniston needed to get "messy" in her part. I thought she did an excellent job.
I didn't know that Just Go With It was a remake of Cactus Flower until the credits at the end. Even though I am from the era, I never have seen all of Cactus Flower. When I happened to see parts of it on TV, I thought it came across as pretty dumb and had no desire to watch it. Now after seeing Just Go With It, I am curious enough to watch Cactus Flower to see if I find it as funny.

Kate and Kirk head West said...

Yeah, I can't believe they made such a lame remake of Cactus Flower. For those of you defending this travesty, at least watch the original. It was so kitchy and witty. Goldie in her debut role was amazing and Walter Mathau, as previously stated, is an unlikely heartthrob but was wonderful. Ingrid Bergman was, however, magnificent. She was so classy and her comedic timing was wonderful. PLEASE, see the original.

Anonymous said...

I loved, loved, loved cactus flower!!! Goldie is the best. Now I share all her movies with my beautiful daughter, and she really loves her too. We both really dislike anything jennifer does. We will not be seeing the new one.