Friday, May 11, 2007

Julie Andrews, I Love You!

Julie Andrews was amazing last night. I think she might be the nicest person alive. If she's just faking being nice, I'm impressed she can pull it off so well. Or it could just be her British accent. But I'm pretty sure she's just nice. She was gracious and lovely and she very sweetly answered all these audience questions that I'm sure she's answered a million times before. She has only good things to say about everyone and everything she's been involved with.

She was about a half hour late due to some suburban rush hour traffic. Before the question and answer time, they showed a nice video with some of her movie and TV clips, including lots of funny clips with Carol Burnett. The best part was a blooper reel from her show that I didn't even know existed, "The Julie Andrews Hour." It was hilarious. Who knew Julie Andrews made mistakes??

I posted some video of the Q&A here. There were quite a few questions from kids about Princess Diaries which was cute. Also, lots of questions about her books and writing. She's been writing for 30 years, which I didn't know. She wrote her first book in the 60's for her step daughter. She was asked about the Gwen Stefani song, Wind Up, in which Gwen sings parts of the Lonely Goatherd. Julie said she was impressed with it and her and Gwen have exchanged flowers and gift baskets. Apparently that's what you do when you're rich and famous. Gift baskets.

Here's a cute clip of Julie on the Ellen show.

So I might be obsessed with Julie Andrews now.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love her too!!
Are you a member of the Julie Andrews online forum? If you ain't, then I think you should join! :D