Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sad Tuesday

I got really sad about a few things today (besides the usual world hunger, etc...)

1) I was listening to the My Fair Lady soundtrack (Julie Andrews version of course) and it gave me a hankering to watch the movie. But then I realized Julie would not be in the movie. Dang it!

2) Then I got really sad that Julie Andrews can't sing anymore. This didn't really hit me until I watched Princess Diares 2 the other day (Yes, I watched Princess Diaries 2, do you have a problem with that? In my defense, I really only watched the Julie parts). In this movie, Julie sings a teenie bopper song called Crowning Glory, or something like that. This is very exciting because she's not really supposed to be able to sing since her throat-surgery-gone-bad a few years back. Anyway, I was all happy that she sang finally...it wasn't anything amazing, she kind of half spoke/half sang it, but it was good. Then I listened to the audio commentary with Julie and Garry Marshall. She started going on about how she was nervous about singing, but the song was written in a low key for her and she sort of joked that the song only consisted of about 5 notes. 5 notes?? This song, in an easy key with practically no range, is about all she can handle and that is sad.

3) I will never see Judy Garland live—not on t.v. or in person or ever alive anywhere.


Bev Sykes said...

I met Judy Garland and saw her in concert. One of the highlights of my life!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim

When we went to Germany and Austria in 1984 and we were told by a close friend to stop at Monsee (in Austria), which is the town that the church in Sound of Music was filmed in. I was awe struck, I stood in the same place that the film had had been made! It was great, I could hear Julie Andrews signing the Sound of Music!

Even though I could speck German, I had a difficult time understanding the Austrian Dialect.

Love, Uncle Bill

Anonymous said...
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moonlites_echo said...

I'm having a "Sad Monday" so I know how you feel. I had a Judy movie marathon with a friend last yesterday and it just got me to thinking about how awesome of a talent she was. The industry used her up and spit her out when she deserved so much more.