Monday, May 21, 2007

Some Like It Hot

Wow, I forgot how amazing this movie is. And skanky. I got the chance to watch it last night with some friends for our old movie night, and it was wildly successful.

I hadn't seen it in awhile, and I didn't really remember how suggestive some of the humor is. I'm sure some of it was over my head the last time I saw it. It's pretty skanky, but very clever with nothing blatantly really have to be paying attention to catch all the jokes. It's why I love old movies! The jokes got some big laughs which was a lot of fun. It's so much better watching a funny movie with a group...the laughter is contagious.

Let's talk about how incredibly ugly Jack Lemmon is as a woman. He's scary. Not just physically, but his's strange. He was clearly having too much fun. Tony Curtis actually sort of looks like a woman to begin with so it worked out well, I think. Marilyn Monroe needs to get a bra. But otherwise, she's lovely.

Funniest part: when all the ladies cram into Jack Lemmon's bunk on the train. I think the guys in our group are seriously wondering if girls really get into their pjs, mix drinks in a hot water bottle and have tickle fights when there aren't any guys around. I'm pretty sure we don't. Except for the tickle fights.

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KendraL said...

I love this movie, too! I think that its aged well because the humor still seems "fresh" even after all these years -- plus I'm older, and like you, I GET more of the jokes than I did when I first saw it!