Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Judy Evangelist

I think I'm becoming a Judy Garland evangelist. I've only evangelized one person so far, but I say that's pretty good!

I managed to get my roommate to watch two Judy Garland movies with me last week, Meet Me in St. Louis and Summer Stock. She seems to be obsessed with them. I'm very proud. She spent last weekend with her family and when she got home, she told me that she's watched too many old movies, to the point where she can no longer relate to her family. Brilliant! Welcome to my world. She actually told her sister to make her daughter watch a Judy movie.

It will take her some time to figure out how to bring Judy up in casual conversation with out looking like a crazy person, but I think she can do it. It's really an art form that can take many years to perfect.

I'm just proud that I've opened a young person's eyes to the magical world of Judy Garland. Now I need to work on finding my next victim.

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