Monday, March 3, 2008

Cary Grant + Grey Suit = Love

Wow, Cary Grant is amazing. I watched North by Northwest last night for the first time ever. Of course I’d seen the scene with the plane and the end where they’re on Mount Rushmore, but I never had any idea what was actually going on.

This movie is incredibly long, but I didn’t get bored. There were a couple parts that probably could have been cut shorter, but they weren’t too bad.

Cary Grant plays Roger Thornhill, a Madison avenue exec, who gets mixed up with some bad guys, out of no fault of his own. They think he's this Kaplan fella, a guy the CIA made up in order to trap them. Thornhill realizes they’ve made a mistake, but can’t convince them, and manages to get into all kinds of trouble (and meet a very forward blond) ... all while wearing the same grey suit. He wears this suit for like 3 days straight at least. Lucky for him, he looks pretty hot in it. And it matches his hair nicely.

This movie is one of the more confusing Hitchcock ones, I think. Not quite like Vertigo (I still get confused about that one), but there’s a lot to it and you have to pay attention. But isn’t that what’s great about Hitchcock? He doesn’t miss anything.

As far as Hitchcock movies go, I probably still prefer Psycho or The Birds, but this is definitely one I’ll be watching again.

Did I mention I love Cary Grant in a grey suit?


Jacqueline T Lynch said...

How about Kim Novak's gray suit in Vertigo? People complain about a lack of style or romance in today's movies. It's not style, romance or elegance we're missing; it's them gray suits. Maybe that's all we need.

Cheap Men Suits said...

I love Cary Grant and I love Hitch, and they both wear great business suits, which made them more adorable.