Friday, March 21, 2008

I Could Write a Sonnet, About Your Easter Bonnet

As is my tradition, I am watching Easter Parade to celebrate the season. Here is my post from last Easter.

This year, I'm sharing my favorite things about Easter Parade, compiled while watching the movie. Here are my Easter Parade favorites:

  • Judy moment: When she makes her terrible face in order to show Fred she can get the attention of random men walking down the street.

  • Coat: Peter Lawford's ridiculously ugly fur coat.

  • Quote: Don Hewes: A girl dancer has to be exotic; she has to be - a peach.
    Hannah Brown: I suppose I'm a lemon!

  • Musical number: The "vaudeville" type medley; especially when fred says "pow" in the train song at the end.

  • Fred moment: Probably Steppin' Out with My Baby. With an honorable mention for the Drum song.

  • Pointless scene: When the stupid waiter takes 10 minutes to explain every detail of his salad to Judy and Peter Lawford.

  • Dashing British man: Peter Lawford

  • Insane dancing: Anne Miller during Shakin' the Blues Away. Especially when she spins out of control and her hair whips her in the face.

  • Costume: Judy's purple and blue outfit for the second half of the piano song. Especially the bring purple shoes!

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