Sunday, April 8, 2007

Easter Parade

Instead of watching The Passion of the Christ to celebrate Easter like a good Christian, I went ahead and made my friends (and some family) watch the Judy Garland classic, Easter Parade. It's a pretty perfect musical...good songs, a few laughs, Judy Garland. It's not my favorite Judy movie, but it's pretty great. Fred Astaire always seemed too old for her, and he was, but after enough viewings you come to accept it. Gene Kelly was originally slated to play Fred's character, but he injured himself and couldn't do it. Fred Astaire came out of retirement to take the part. I'm much more comfortable with Fred in a top hat anyway. I always kind of wished she would just end up with Peter Lawford, he's much cuter and has a British accent, but I think we all know that's just not possible. Not in a musical anyway.

They came out with a 2 disc DVDa couple years ago and I recommend it if you haven't picked it up already. It has quite a few great features including two about the movie and one about an outtake of the entire Mr. Monotony song. Some clips of Mr. Monotony showed up in That's Entertainment 3, but not the whole song. So the DVD is definitely a must for any Judy fan!


Nathania Johnson said...

I'm so glad you posted about Easter Parade. I watched it too. I love this movie, one of my favorites. I love Fred, Judy and Ann.

The fashion in this movie is fantastic.

And i love the scene where Fred is dancing in slow motion while the dancers behind him are in real time!

It's on again on TCM this week - 11:45am on Thurs

Marcus Sonsteby said...

I didn't watch it when it aired on TCM, nor did I watch the Passion of the Christ.

I've got Passion on DVD and I'm looking at it right now.