Friday, March 7, 2008

Max and Elsa Sittin' in a Tree

Ok, maybe this is a thought everyone's had, but I just realized it yesterday: Max and Elsa are perfect for each other!

I'm talking The Sound of Music, of course. I stayed home sick yesterday, and seeing as daytime TV is incredibly lame, I threw in The Sound of Music figuring I could try to fall asleep to it. As I laid on the couch with my eyes closed just listening to it, I realized that Max and the Baroness are meant to be.

First of all, she laughs at his ridiculous jokes that no one else thinks are funny. He must appreciate that. Secondly, they're equally conniving and manipulative. Together they'd be unstoppable! Thirdly, when the Captain dumps her, she states that she needs someone who needs her money. Certainly no one needs her money more than Max. He's basically a leech! Plus it's very convenient that the Von Trapps leave Austria; Max and Elsa are free to express their love without any awkwardness between Max and the Captain.

Granted, the Baroness is way too pretty for Max, but really that shouldn't matter. He probably should have made a move right after the Captain dumped her before she left for Vienna, but I think he still has time. Hopefully he realizes how perfect she is for him and takes some action. I think they'd be very happy together.

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Jacqueline T Lynch said...

You're probably right. I wish they had kept the song from the Broadway version "How Can Love Survive" which Max and Elsa sing to tease Georg on the matter of two wealthy people marrying, with such lyrics as, "I cannot go out and steal for you/I cannot die like Camile for you/How can love survive?"

In the film, the music to this song is played in the background at one point, but we lose the irony of the lyrics and Max and Elsa's playful and joint frame of mind when it comes to money.