Saturday, June 7, 2008

Is That Fred Astaire?

I'm watching a film right now called On the Beach on TCM. It's really weird.

I came in on the middle and the first thing I saw was a guy in some sort of sci fi looking space suit. I thought it was going to be some crazy sci fi film so I stayed with it. Space suit man was wondering through some old warehouse and found a morris code machine, so he started morris coding.

Cut to a scene of a bunch of navy guys listening to his message. First I see a man baring a strong resemblance to Fred Astaire. I couldn't believe it was actually him ... this isn't the kind of movie I'd expect to see Fred in. Two seconds later, I realize Gregory Peck is standing next to him. Then I spot Anthony Perkins. This seems like such an odd combination.

Apparently it's not really a sci fi movie so I don't know what all that space suit business was about. I guess I'm going to finish watching it. We'll see how it goes.

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