Monday, June 9, 2008

My Fair Lady Remake

So they're planning on remaking My Fair Lady. I've heard rumors of this for awhile, but they've now officially announced it. I'm excited and a little disturbed. It has the potential to be really amazing or really terrible.

They're saying Keira Knightly will play Eliza. I don't have any particular feelings towards this really; she could be good, could be bad. I'm not particularly attached to Audrey Hepburn as Eliza given the whole Julie Andrews debacle, so I'm pretty indifferent. Can Keira sing? I have no idea. But does it really matter? It's not like Audrey Hepburn sang! (I'm not bitter)

I'm much more concerned about their choice for Henry. He's really a hit or miss. From my experience, either Henry is done very well—smart, clever, and pretty mean—or is extremely effeminate and gay. I suppose one could argue that Henry is in fact gay, but I don't buy it and that's not the kind of Henry I want. Sure, there's a fine line between overly academic British man and gay British man, but we know they've done it right in the past. If they'd just copy Rex Harrison, I think we'll be pretty safe.

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