Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Psycho in Grant Park

Wow, saw Psycho last night in Grant Park and it was basically amazing! It's a totally different experience watching it on the big screen with a big crowd than it is watching it on TV in the comfort of your own home.

The park was possibly the most crowded I've seen it for a movie, which made it even more awesome because the tension was incredible. Everyone yelled for Marion to not get in the shower, Arbogast to not go into the house, and Lila to not go in the fruit cellar.

There were lots of screams during the shower scene, but they seemed forced since everyone basically knew what was going to happen. The best and most sincere screams came during Arbogast's murder scene. People just aren't ready for it, and the tension that builds as he's walking up the stairs is almost painful.

And of course there were plenty of laughs at some of the cornier ("You think I'm fruity?) and obsecene-by-today's-standards lines. I always find it interesting what people laugh at—things that I don't even notice anymore.

It was also interesting to note when people clapped. Of course, they clapped after each murder scene (because they're either really morbid, or appreciated the awesomeness of each scene? You can never tell).

They also cheered when Norman sinks the car in the swamp. I love that scene because you start out feeling sorry for Norman an account of his crazy mother murdering people and him being left with the dirty work of cleaning up. I always feel a tinge of worry when the car stops sinking into the swamp, and relief when it starts again. But the last shot of his creepy little smile makes you rethink your sympathy.

I think that's what's great about Psycho, it really messes with your head! First you think that Marion and her money is going to be the main piece of the story, but both are quickly disposed of and a whole new plot starts. One the way back to the car, I overheard a couple ladies talking about it and one asked, "So nothing ever happened with the money??" Yup.

The crowd reactions are such a good indication of how the movie's jerking you around. They cheer when Norman sinks the car, but also at the end when he's found out. Throughout much of the movie, you're debating whether to feel sorry for him or scared of him. That's what keeps it interesting. The audience thinks they know what Sam and Lila don't, that the mother is murder-happy, but in the end we learn we didn't know as much as we thought we did.

It's intense, I tell you! And even though I've seen it many times, it still freaks me out. The music alone is enough to get me ... especially on the big screen!

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