Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Questions Answered: Part 2

This is the part of the show where I answer your most popular questions as determined by the number of searches I get on a specific topic in Google Analyics. Many of the questions that I answered last time are still quite popular, but here are some new ones:

- Who is Shiloh?
Good question.

- Where can I watch Doris Day movies?
Just buy them, it's worth it.

- Was Joan Crawford insane?

- How do you say happy birthday in Austrian dialect German?

- In reality, did Christopher Plummer love Julie Andrews?
In reality, how would anyone know that except Christopher Plummer?

- Is 50 too late to come out as gay?

- What is the Doris Day movie where she's a doctor's wife?
The Thrill of it All, I highly recommend it!

- Was Easter Parade in Wall-e?
Nope, it was Hello Dolly.

- Is 50 years of age too late for tubectomy?

- Is christopher plumber alive?
Yes, and kickin'.

- Is it too late for love at age 50?
Yep, sorry.

- What is the movie called that has Doris Day in it that's like My Favorite Wife?
That would be Move Over Darling, also a great movie.

- Is James Bond a corny halloween idea?
No, sounds awesome to me!

- In My Fair Lady were Eliza and Henry in love?
Some say yes, some say no. I like to think that they were not "in love" in a romantic sense, because I find that a bit creepy. And really, if they ended up together in a romantic way, what kind of relationship would that be? Kind of crappy.

- Is it too late to date my friend of 8 years?

- Was Henry Higgins homosexual?
Haha! He sure acts like it, but I think most people would agree that he wasn't meant to be.

- What is the climax of the story Ten Commandments?
Given that the movie is approxomately ten hours long, there may be more than one climax. Maybe when the Jews leave Egypt, maybe when Moses parts the Red Sea, maybe when everyone goes crazy, maybe when Moses gets the actual Ten Commandments.

- Which Vincent Price movie are you?
I don't really understand why anyone would search for this, but if I had to pick I think I'd say House of Wax.

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