Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cactus Flower

If you haven't seen Cactus FlowerI highly recommend doing so, and even if you have seen it, you should watch it again. It was on the other night, and I got the chance to watch parts of it. I had forgotten what a fabulous movie it was!

Walter Matthau plays a dentist who enjoys the company of the younger ladies. Goldie Hawn plays his young girlfriend and Ingrid Bergman plays his kind of boring nurse. They get mixed up in a bit of a love triangle. Actually, it's a love hexagon. Goldie Hawn works in a record shop which is kind of cool, since I've never actually gotten to see a real record shop! Meanwhile, this is the first movie I've seen with a very young Goldie Hawn, and she's hilarious! She even won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

This is by far the most 60's looking movie I have ever seen. There are lots of bell bottoms, and Goldie Hawn wears quite an array of interesting outfits. The best part of the movie by far, is a fabulous scene in a very retro nightclub where they incessantly play 60's elevator music. Ingrid Bergman's character is starting to loosen up and she finds herself at this nightclub on a date. Things get a little out of hand and she proceeds to the dance floor where she invents a very special dance called "the dentist". It's worth seeing the movie for "the dentist" alone. I'm telling you, there is nothing that compares to some "trendy" dancing in a 60's movie.

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