Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Meet Me In St. Louis - A workplace tale

It's rare that my love for classic films and my life at work collide, but one fateful day, they did.

To make a long story short, I couldn't keep my mouth shut, and now we may be going to see Meet Me In St. Louis on stage for our company Christmas party.

For the last couple Christmas parties, (since I've been working there) we've gone to a nice hotel for dinner, followed by a musical guest and some fun work related skits. They've been enjoyable, but I was always jealous when I heard that prior to that, many of the parties had been at one of my favorite dinner theaters, for dinner and a show.

A few weeks ago, the vice president of our department took an informal poll, asking if we prefer the hotel, or the dinner theater. There were some mixed opinions, but I, of course, picked the theater. He couldn't remember the name of the show that would be playing there in December, and I couldn't stand such mystery, so I looked it up. I was elated to find that it would be Meet Me In St. Louis and I had to march into his office to tell him how great it was. So I did. And now my coworkers think I'm weird. Not so out of the everyday, I guess. They had to find out sometime.

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