Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Awful Truth

The Grant Park Outdoor Film Festival feature last night was The Awful Truth. I've always loved this movie so I was excited to go see it with some friends and lots and lots of strangers in a park in downtown Chicago.

If you haven't seen this movie, you need to. Cary Grant is amazing as usual and I do love Irene Dunn. They're hilarious together and the humor is clever. You really have to be paying attention to catch some of their one-liners. I think people expect old black and white movies to be a little slow and boring, but this one definitely has no boring moments.

The conversation in the car on the way home centered around whether or not Lucy and Jerry were actually cheating on each other. I don't believe we came to a conclusion. I don't really think she did, but I'm not sure about him. We're not used to not having closure these days, but this one does leave you hanging a bit.

We also discussed plans for our next and final trip downtown for The Sound of Music. I can't even wait and I'm even more excited because it seems as though I have friends who actually want to go. On top of that, I think I have friends that want to dress up for it. When I say dress up, I mean find some curtains and make clothes out of them. We attempted to assign characters to everyone last night. I want to be the Baroness, mostly so I can wear a non-curtain outfit.

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