Thursday, August 30, 2007


I'm officially obsessed with Camelot, although I've not actually seen the movie or play. I've only listened to the music (way too many times now), and I have deemed it obsession-worthy. My favorite song is "Then You May Take Me to the Fair." Its happy melody disguises the fact that Guenevere is encouraging murder. I've also decided that "The Lusty Month of May" is by far the gayest song that has ever existed.

I went to see The Sound of Music the other night in Grant Park in downtown Chicago and it was beyond fabulous except for the group of drunkards sitting next to us, making obscene jokes about the movie. Now, if the obscene jokes would have been clever this would have been acceptable, but they weren't. They were stupid. For a brief moment, I had to give them credit because they seemed to know every word to every song, but shortly thereafter I realized they had a sheet with all the lyrics on it.

Speaking of obscene Sound of Music jokes, I found this video distasteful, but hilarious. It's more about the audio than the video.

After complaining to my mother about my taste for old movies and weird music that nobody else likes, she attempted to console me with this: "You are cultured, that's good. And yet you still like stupid things like Napoleon Dynamite."

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