Friday, November 2, 2007

Work Stories

I like when old movies come up at work.

In an attempt to help us get to know people we don't usually work with, my company has set up scheduled lunches with other departments where we just eat and talk. It's not a bad idea; there are a lot of people I would never talk to otherwise. I had my first one yesterday and to ensure that we don't just sit there staring at each other, we were provided with a list of "starter questions" in case we're too boring to come up with anything else. Indeed we were too boring and we had to resort to the provided questions. We started off with a question about the most famous person you've met. So a few people shared their stories, and then my boss, having heard many of my stories, mentioned that I had met quite a few people. Really, I've seen them in person without actually meeting them. Nevertheless, this launched me into stories of Tony Curtis, Tippi Hedren, and Julie Andrews. Then I shared my amazing story of meeting Veronica Cartwright in the bathroom. They were mildly impressed.

This led to a lengthy discussion about old movies. It was great. Then one young fellow spoke up and revealed that he doesn't watch movies that were made before he was born. I think I had a mini heart attack. He made one exception for Jaws. Jaws?!? Not acceptable. Luckily, everyone else was appalled and they told him so.

Today at lunch, Robert Goulet came up, I'm not sure why. Things like this tend to come up when I'm present even though the lunch group consists of about 10 twenty-somethings. Anyway, we were discussing his death and one of my coworkers exclaimed,"He sang If Ever I Would Leave You and then he did!" It made me laugh.

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