Monday, July 20, 2009

After The Wizard of Oz

I had an interesting (and slightly disturbing) Judy Garland conversation yesterday. I was at the home of this woman I didn't really know, and her 4 daughters were watching Thoroughly Modern Millie. I, of course, was excited by this and a conversation soon started about old movies. She expressed that she gets them for her daughters because they're "so much better" than the new ones.

We went on to discuss the movies her kids love and the ones I loved as a child. As one would expect, I quickly mentioned how much I loved Judy Garland movies. Then, something unexpected happened. This woman responded with "Oh, she did movies after The Wizard of Oz?" (Gasp!)

I informed her that yes, there are very many quality Judy movies after Wizard of Oz. She was genuinely surprised by this, but said she would see if there were any at the library. Brilliant! Hopefully I just created a few new Judy fans to add to my list!

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Millenia said...

That's awesome. I was the same way back in 1997 when I first became a huge fan. I caught a biography on her and realized Dorothy had been a "real" person! One who had a life and career after Oz. Before that, I knew the name vaguely as Liza Minnelli's mom. I didn't even associate the name with The Wizard of Oz until I ran across that bio.

Thanks for your great posts!