Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Graduate

I just watched The Graduate for the first time. It was interesting. I’m kind of surprised I hadn’t seen it before, but apparently the opportunity had never arose. But my friend purchased they new 40th Anniversary DVD, so we had to check it out.

I’m not sure if I liked it or not. I think I did. I’m pretty sure I would watch it again. I thought I knew quite a bit about it; I knew Mrs. Robinson seduced him and I’d seen the ending. What I did not know was that some of the craziest stuff happens in the middle.

Basically it’s the story of Benjamin Braddock, played by Dustin Hoffman, who’s just graduated from college and clearly has no ambition and is completely devoid of any purpose in life. He’s a little weird. Mrs. Robinson realizes he’s a needy, pathetic, easy target and manages to get him to her house after his graduation party where she offers him a drink, brings him upstairs, and takes off her clothes. It’s at this point that we’re treated to some borderline subliminal shots of Ann Bancroft’s boobs.

Ben rushes out in a hurry, but days later realizes that since there’s basically no meaning to his life, he might as well take Mrs. Robinson up on her sexy offer. They start a painfully awkward “relationship” consisting only of meeting at a hotel to have sex. This goes on for awhile until Mrs. Robinson’s daughter, Elaine, comes home from college and Ben becomes smitten with her after being forced by his father to take her on a date. When Mrs. Robinson insists that Ben stay away from her daughter, he takes Elaine to a strip club in an effort to repulse her, where one of the strippers twirls tassels on her boobs. It’s pretty impressive really. But despite this, Ben and the daughter hit it off and continue to see each other, much to Mrs. Robinson’s dismay. Things get complicated and basically everyone goes crazy. The end.

My favorite part of the movie is the soundtrack by Simon and Garfunkel. I actually purchased it on vinyl awhile back and it’s incredible. I want to have a cheezy 60’s party just so I can play the record in the background. It would be perfect. It goes from 60’s lounge music, to depressing Simon and Garfunkel, to upbeat, slightly less depressing Simon and Garfunkel.

The camera work is also fascinating. Along with the soundtrack, it’s what makes this movie unique. The entire film is basically a series of random shots. No scene lasts very long, and it jumps rather quickly from one scene to a completely different one without warning. It really keeps you guessing.

The Graduate is a classic. I’m glad I finally saw it and I would definitely recommend watching it.

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Iwanttobelieve said...

Hey man, nice review of The Graduate. I just baught a copy of the 40th addition too. Anyway me and my friend might do a review on The Graduate. I still havn't seen it and I am suprised. I was born to late also.