Monday, January 28, 2008

SAG Awards

I love awards shows, but I don't really know why, seeing as most of the people I like are dead. Nevertheless, I watch them. Typically my favorite part is the "In Memoriam" video, or the Lifetime Achievement type awards if it's given to someone good and old. This year's memoriam video was particularly sad since we lost on of my favorites, Deborah Kerr.

I was rather amused to see Mickey Rooney there presenting an award. I don't know why they had him there really, and he kind of rambled on forever about who knows what. He was a little crazy, as usual, and extremely old, but he's always entertaining. I was shocked at how easily he walked out on stage, especially after a number of people younger than him had trouble making it to he podium. It also made me want to watch some old Mickey/Judy movies. They're always fun.

I always wished he had just married Judy Garland. Maybe her life would have been a little more normal. But then again, maybe it would have been even more insane. Instead, he married about 85 other women and had 9 children. But he has been married to his current wife for 30 years, so that's something.

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