Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Judy/Mickey DVD Set

Word on the street is a Judy/Mickey DVD set will be coming out soon. While these are not my favorite Judy movies, they are always a good time. My favorites are Strike Up the Band, Babes on Broadway and Girl Crazy. So I haven't yet decided if I'll be purchasing this, but let's face it, I can't resist some new Judy DVDs. More info here.

Meanwhile, after my amazing weekend of Shirley Jones movies I really want to buy The Music Man DVD. I know, it's slightly shocking that I don't yet own it. I've been stalling because I'm convinced that two months after I purchase it, they're going to come out with a new "Collectors Edition" with a million extras that I'll absolutely have to own. I'm a sucker for Collector's Editions. I'm starting to think this is never going to happen, but the version that's currently out is essentially the same as the VHS with one little "making of" documentary. I could really use some Shirley Jones commentary. What do I do?? My solution is to try to find it used. Then I won't feel so bad when I have to buy it again.

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