Monday, March 26, 2007

Manhattan Murder Mystery

I generally hate Woody Allen movies. I hate them a lot. That man drives me nuts and I do not think he's funny. But the other night, a couple friends wanted to watch Manhattan Murder Mystery, and it was two against one, so I consented. The only reason I really went along with it was because Diane Keaton is in it and I like her.

Surprisingly, the movie did not annoy me and Woody Allen was tolerable. In a nutshell, Diane Keaton becomes convinced that her neighbor murdered his wife, so she decides to investigate. She keeps an eye on the guy and even breaks into his apartment a few times. It's basically Rear Window, if Grace Kelly was a high strung middle aged woman, and Jimmy Stewart was an ugly short man who suffered from extreme paranoia. There were some pretty hilarious moments and, despite Woody Allen's involvement, it was rather entertaining and fun.

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