Friday, March 30, 2007

Beatles + iTunes: Pretty Please?

I'm starting to get upset. Despite various rumors that have been circulating for the past year or so, Beatles songs are still not available on iTunes. They keep promising that it will happen, but nothing yet. This is the latest I've heard on the issue.

All the trouble is caused by the whole "Apple" name...Apple computers and the Beatles Apple record label. Lawsuits have been filed and settlements have been's time to resolve our differences! They're only hurting themselves. They would have made a ton of money off me so far, but too bad for them. They're just being selfish by denying me (and countless others) the joy of instantly downloading some sweet Beatles tunes.

In other iTunes news, I have iTunes at work and we can share our music libraries over our network. So there is an incredible amount of music that we can listen to, which is great. When you share your library, you have to pick a name for your list that will be displayed to everyone else in their iTunes window. Generally, people use names such as "Kim's Music" or "Todd's Mix" and so on.

If you've been watching American Idol this season, you're no doubt ill from having to watch Sanjaya, the talentless skinny kid with too much womanly hair, "sing" and prance about the stage like he's God's gift to teenie boppers. As a result of this teenie bopper following, he stays on the show, despite his obvious inferiority. The painful reality of having to see him every week so far apparently got to be too much for one of my coworkers, and in a fit of rage, she named her iTunes library "Why is Sanjaya still on American Idol??". This amused me to no end, so I named my list "I can't stand Sanjaya!". This trend quickly got out of control and today, more people started jumping on the Sanjaya/iTunes bandwagon. Here's a sampling of some of my coworkers' lists showing up in my iTunes right now:

-I'd rather poke my eyes out with Q-Tips than listen to SANJAYA!
-Sanjaya Love
-I liked Sanjaya in Nacho Libre
-I Had A Bad Case of Sanjaya Once

I am impressed with their creativity. And we should probably all get back to work now.

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