Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Elvis on American Idol

That's right, Elvis was on American Idol tonight. Singing with Celine Dion. There's only one word to describe such a scene: disturbing. Disturbing partly because they took Elvis out of a video from the 60's and managed to make it look like he was standing on stage next to actually looked kind of real. Kind of.

Disturbing mostly because Celine Dion was involved.

There were a lot of strange camera angles and such, because apparently, in the 60's, they thought crazy angles and close ups were the way to go. So they'd show all these close ups and then stick Celine in the background. Yeah, it was weird. Here's the video.

I can't say that it's not worth a viewing. It was pretty interesting and very original I guess, but I'm pretty sure Elvis is rolling over in his grave right now. If he's dead...


Anonymous said...

please we need a youtube link

Anonymous said...

My question is... Did the audience
see the same images of Elvis as those of us at home did, or was that a "tv trick"?

Kim said...

I assumed it was a tv trick...the audience reaction was a little weird. They just seemed confused.