Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Julie Andrews!

Today is Julie Andrews' 72nd birthday. She looks pretty fabulous for her age, though I think it's pretty clear she's had some...cosmetic help. But for some reason, that's ok with me. I don't really have much to say about her that I haven't already said. I will point out that she's probably the only person I really like (celebrity-wise) that is still alive. That's something.

So in honor of Julie's birthday, I will now list my top 10 favorite Julie...things. That was not meant to be an incredibly lame reference to a certain Julie Andrews song, it just happened.

10. Thoroughly Modern Millie
Not my favorite Julie Andrews movie, but it has some good moments. And Carol Channing is crazy.

9. Victor/Victoria
It's funny and entertaining.

8. Two Ellen interviews.
One from 2005 and one from 2007. Ellen's pretty funny.

7. The Princess Diaries
As much as I want to, I cannot deny that I love this movie.

6. Carol Burnett.
They're friends, I love Carol Burnett, it's great.

5. Rachel Ray Interview. It's just cute!

4. Mary Poppins

3. Camelot (Original Broadway Cast)
I also love her singing the finale which she did not do it the actual show. Her dress in this video is especially enjoyable.

2. The Sound of Music

1. My Fair Lady - Original London Cast Recording

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