Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Strangers on a Train

This New Year's my friends and I enjoyed a slightly lesser-known Hitchcock film, Strangers on a Train. I'd seen it many years ago, and couldn't remember most of it. But I knew I liked it.

Two guys meet on a train (strangers, of course); one is a semi-famous, good looking tennis player and the other is just a plain ole' creepy man named Bruno. Bruno comes up with a brilliant plan to trade murders. Bruno apparently reads the society columns and knows that Tennis Player Guy needs to get rid of his cheating, skanky, cat-eye glasses wearing wife so he can marry his innocent, beautiful, senator's daughter girlfriend. Bruno wants to get rid of his father for reasons I do not remember. Tennis Player Guy brushes off the crazy idea and gets off the train, but Bruno is rather determined and doesn't let it end there. There are a couple good twists along the way and generally, it kept me interested.

One of the highlights of the movie is Tennis Player Guy's girlfriend's little sister, Barbara, played by Hitchcock's daughter. She's funny and she has some amazing glasses.

The creepiness factor of this movie is pretty high. For me anyway. This Bruno fellow gets more and more disturbing as the movie goes on. He always seems to be lurking and he'll randomly just show up places. Plus, he has a rather odd relationship with his mother—not unusual for a Hitchcock movie, but it definitely increases his creepiness level.

Overall, a great movie!

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Alex said...

Great blog :-)
I too feel like I was born 50 years too late and am rather misunderstood!
I've enjoyed everything you've shared on these pages. Please, keep them coming :-)